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Service Updates
Ancient Embers is a commercial expansionist, good leaning, family friendly, neutral tribe (guild) for the new online sandbox game Xyson. This game takes place after a post-apocalyptic destruction has ended the world we know it.  As the apocalypse continues mystical gods from earth's real ancient history will begin to make their appearance. Against this backdrop tribes must re-establish civilization by claiming territory and building it up into a thriving community. Features include:

  1. Complete player run economy
  2. All quests are given out by tribes so they are relevant to their ongoing needs
  3. Terraforming including road building
  4. One character per account
  5. Open PvP outside of claimed tribal territory
  6. Soft skill cap so a single character cannot be everything
  7. Future cities that can impose taxes
  8. Future territorial growth so resources can be claimed and non-combat characters can be protected
  9. Future tribal wars and territorial conquest
More information on the tribe for those interested in joining can be found under information to the right and on the forums.

Diplomats from other tribes please feel free to post public greeting messages in our forum's diplomatic section.

Xsyon Delayed Indefinately

Oakstead, Aug 14, 10 7:12 AM.
Xsyon will not be launching August 15 and no end is in site to the development. Therefore this guild is officially going into hibernation. We shall see what the future brings for Xsyon.

Xsyon Delayed until August 15

Oakstead, May 20, 10 9:53 AM.
Xsyon has been delayed until August 15 although 2/3 of the pre-orders are now in the game exploring, terraforming and beta testing things. See the announcement here at:

Big Xsyon Patch this Saturday

Oakstead, May 8, 10 6:47 AM.
The Xsyon server has been down most of this week as they prepare for a big new patch. The devs now have it ready but they are getting some much needed sleep before making it live later today.

Recruitment is now open!

Oakstead, Apr 24, 10 4:58 PM.
Xsyon has great potential, it is now stable, the dev team is competent and dedicated, so the time has come to open Ancient Embers in order to participate in this new type of game and to take guild organization up to the level required to take advantage of all the new "sandbox" features this game promises.

Xsyon is a game that needs to be treated as a journey and not a destination. It will always be a work in progress so we will just go with the flow and work with what ever the game mechanics happen to be at any given time.
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